Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love Long Length

It's finally happening!

I mentioned back in December that my goal this year was to work for myself again. I can safely say that this is becoming a reality. I have joined with my parents in running a family business called 'Fill The Gap', which serves to launch niche brands that are lacking in the South African market. 

The first brand I am launching with FTG is called 'Love Long Length'.

I am 6ft1 and as much as winter time brings happy thoughts of warm drinks & bundling up, it also reminds me that I will have to get through it with the bare minimum of 'long enough' clothing. The skinny jean and leggings trend has helped immensely, but what about PJ bottons, comfy trousers and tracksuit bottoms? What is a happy winter without those essentials?

I've gone as far as buying two sale price winter PJs from Woolworths, cutting the bottom off one, and sewing it onto the other out of pure desperation. I rest my case. 

Love Long Length will cater to fill this gap for the tall women in South Africa. If you are 5ft 10 or taller, I hope that you are jumping up and down with excitement!

Our official Open Day will take place in Hillcrest on June 28th - more details to follow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about purchasing an item from our Winter collection.


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