Saturday, August 8, 2015

DIY: A shiny waste paper basket make-over

We have made great progress on setting up my new Home Office. It truly is a pleasure to work in such a peaceful spot in the house.

A few week-end's ago, we visited the SPCA in Pietermaritzburg as part of a little outing with the kids to score some thrift shop finds. Jesse and Jack chose a "gold" medal each for their treasure box. Well worth the R5 spent, I say! I didn't see any trinkets that would work well in our home, until we were just about to leave and saw this waste paper basket hanging out by the exit. A grotty, totally worn and filthy wire red waste paper basket? I had to have it! Clint and I are both the same kind of crazy because we just knew that with a fresh coat of paint, this would be the perfect little beauty for my office space.

 Supplies you will need:

x  Thrifted Waste Paper Basket (ours cost us all of R10)
x  Spray paint colour of your choice (we already had gold leftover from a previous project)
x  Newspaper


Choose a sunny day to lay your newspaper outside with few rocks to weight it. Clean your wire basket with soapy water and leave out to dry. Lay the basket on top of the newspaper and spray away! Repeat with a second coat.


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