Friday, June 12, 2015

First Look: Home Office

It's been exactly two weeks since our "big" move from Waterfall to Pietermaritzburg. I was anticipating all kinds of stress and drama, and yet there was little to none at all. Thanks to some incredibly special friends, we were unpacked on day one. There has been the most wonderful peace from the moment we walked in the door. I know this comes from being right where God wants us to be.

Our new home has a totally different feel to it which has meant we have spent most of our time um-ing and ah-ing over where to put what. It's beyond beautiful...I can't even put in words how grateful I am to be living here. I've loved the quietness that has come with not having a phone line or internet over the past few days. It has allowed me to truly soak in this special time of our lives.

The very first space that is important to me as a stay-at-home working mom, is the home office. In our previous house, my office formed part of the main living area due to space constraints. This proved impractical and I didn't want to follow suit going forward. Thankfully, our new main bedroom is large enough to comfortably fit a home office on one end without imposing on the rest of the room at all. Yippee!

We are so far from being done, but I thought I'd share pics as we go along so that you can join in on our creative journey with us. Alright, let's get started!

As you walk into our room, and you look to the far right, you will see this...

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know how much I am in love with BW Prints. I bought four of my favourites and squared them above my desk. I am using my existing desk (family hand-me-down), chair (thrift store find for R99) and lamp (from Mr Price Home). 

Now this is the part where I go speechless. That back garden view. The natural sunlight. The bay windows. What more can I say? Oh, I CAN say that those gorgeous curtains you see right there are a labour of love. My incredibly talented friend, Sarah, took some curtains I was given -  that weren't the appropriate size for a bay window - and she turned them into this. I mean. 

If you look to the right of my desk, there is a white chest of drawers. My husband and father-in-law built this from a design I scribbled on paper. It's the first piece of furniture we ever owned. This was originally a place to store Jesse's baby clothes and books, but he has since grown out of using it. I actually had no clue where we were going to keep it as it didn't seem to function anywhere. And then light-bulb moment - this would work perfectly as a stylish solution to house my printer and general office storage.

So there you have it, a first look at the starting point of my new home office. The projects on our to-do list for this space are as follows:

* Spray-paint gold corners onto black frames
* Paint desk white (the existing bronze handles are going to pop out beautifully!)
* Drill a hole into the back of the chest of drawers to hide wires
* Buy four white files to replace the multi-coloured ones I currently have. Re-label them.
* Buy a comfortable cushion for office chair
* Look into a rug option for these chilly days

Any other suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!

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