Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frame your toddler's work of Art

It's officially the end of the school term for Jesse + Jack Kyle. Hooray - bring on the holidays!

The first step towards getting into the holiday mode in our house is clearing away anything that represents routine. This includes unpacking / packing away school bags and giving fabric lunch boxes, shoes, hats a really good clean. I also have a hanging wall display in Jesse's room for the boy's favourite pieces of artwork that they bring home each week. I plan to pack the existing art away and replace it with holiday crafts that we will do together.

While I was sorting through Jack's backpack on Friday, I found a stack of artwork that his teacher sent home. It's a tradition in our house that anything that is brought home - great or small - is given our attention and appreciation. We sat Jack down and went through each picture with him, often needing his help to decipher what we were actually looking at!

Clint and I fell in love with two black / white paintings that he had made using stamps and rollers. So much so, that we decided they had to be framed and hung up in our dining room as abstract art. I have a feeling there might be a few readers rolling their eyes right now, but we really think they are fabulous! I'm proud to have Jack's 'masterpieces' on display and they warm my heart every time I walk past that stretch of wall. Come on, it's a little chic!

I keep meaning to write a post on the creative ways that we enjoy, store and display the rest of the art that comes home. If you have a little one in school, you will know the copious amounts that one gets each term! I will try to share some of my ideas soon. I'd love to hear yours too.

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