Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coffee Table Makeover

The beautiful and florally bright lounge suite of ours has left the building! The sofas were a gift passed down from family when we first moved into our little home and have seen us through many couch snuggles. They were bold and vibrant, but also a very tricky fabric to keep clean and not quite large enough for the family and friends we have over. An unexpected blessing came our way in August, and we were able to re-upholster our existing suite into any colour / style of our choice. #bestbirthdaypresentever

I'd already thought long and hard about every element I'd want in my dream lounge suite so this was the easy part. In September, our brand new, ridiculously gorgeous sofas were delivered and I am over the moon happy with how they turned out. In order to avoid mixing two different styles together haphazardly, we literally cleared out all the existing cushions / decor and started again. We painted palette art for our wall, spent months looking for new cushions and the next important project was to give our bright red coffee table a serious makeover.

x Coffee Table
x Paint stripper (optional)
x Electric sander / sandpaper
x Primer 
x Interior/exterior paint of your choice (We used a light grey + white combination)
x Large + small paintbrush
x Paint roller (optional)
x Clear Gloss Paint


We had a friend staying over with us at the time we decided to start prepping for this project. He kindly offered to shlep on a few coats of paint stripper to take off the first layer of red paint. We wanted to cut down on the amount of sanding we'd need to do and this definitely helped. Thanks Ryan!

Next, we used a combination of an electric sander and sandpaper to work off  the remaining red paint. There were still red bits here and there but that's where primer helps out too. We painted on two coats of primer and left to dry overnight.

Now the fun begins! We painted the top of the table a light grey and contrasted it with white on the legs and sides. Subtle but still interesting I think. We sealed the top with a gloss so that we can easily wipe it clean. And there you have it: a fresh new look for our faithful ol' pine table. Easy peasy.

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