Friday, November 21, 2014

I forgot about my wedding's today isn't it?!

It's true. It dawned on Clint and I while we were sitting with our boys eating an ice-cream out, that it might in fact be our wedding anniversary the very next day. On top of that, it took us about ten minutes plus a call to my mother-in-law to figure out if we were married on the 21st or was it the 22nd November? 

I'm totally serious! 

My first reaction was..."oh wow! I'm a terrible wife and I must take my husband totally for granted that I haven't given it a moment's thought!"

But as I sat thinking about it, I realized that the above statement couldn't be further from the truth. I forgot about our six year wedding anniversary because I have been too busy being in love and being loved by the most wonderful human being I have ever met. Sitting with my little family last night, laughing as we watch each other tackle a delicious chocolate ice-cream cone, passing jokes and then staring across the table as we realize together how blessed we are.

How does one manage to celebrate in one day what has been lived in such great measure all year and every one of these six years? I feel like whatever I could possibly think of doing or writing would just fall short. I can only hope to love my husband the way God has asked me to, stumbling and falling along the way, but with all of my heart and most importantly in the testing times. God knows, he's held my hand through the greatest tests of all. We have both stared at the very worst of each other and by God's grace and strength we have said "I still love you".

I hope we do sneak off for a cup of coffee tonight and get in as many kid-free cuddles that we can possibly muster...and I don't mind if Mr. Kyle buys me something wonderful either! (you know, just incase he's reading this!) But, here's to not trying to say "Happy Anniversary" to each other today my love, but rather "Thank you for absolutely everything".

(Our first post-wedding photo together while on honeymoon in Mauritius)

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