Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's talk kid's parties!

Whoever thought that having two boys a-month-and-a-half a part in birthdays was a good idea?! It's just slightly too much time in between to share a party, but close enough that it feels like birthday celebrations last for two months. Two birthday rings, two actual birthdays and then two actual parties. Not to mention we were on 'Baker Baker' at school twice in that time frame too! Phew! We might have to rethink a few things as they get older.

I have had the joy of celebrating a total of six parties with my little treasures. We started off BIG - invited all family & half our church - until I slowly realized I was putting immense pressure on myself to throw 'the perfect party'. That's the other side of the coin with being a creative & crafty Mom. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. I don't remember much of Jesse's first party. It whizzed by in a blur with me running circles around the party food and activities. 

(Jesse's 1st Birthday)

From that day on, we decided to make a few rules of our own about party planning:

(1) We will never do anything as a result of pressure from what other families might be doing or what other school friends have on their special day. There is nothing wrong with a big beautiful bash, but we will do what comes naturally for us each time and within our budget. That includes presents.

(2) We will ENJOY the special day together and if that means guests don't get a second round of freshly squeezed lemonade, then so be it! We will work hard and set up right until the party starts and from that moment on it's time to make a cup of tea & watch our boys laugh and tumble in the grass. We so appreciate the families that take the time to join us that we'd far rather enjoy the company too.

(3) We want to make sure that we have time to stop and be thankful for each year we are given with our sweet blessings. This year before we blew out Jesse's four big candles, we prayed altogether and gave thanks to God for our beautiful healthy boy.

(4) We will invite the friends / cousins that are closest in age and friendship to the boys. We will make an effort to see any other special friends / 'mommy's friends' at play dates and the likes. 

(5) We will be completely flexible with each year that approaches. Big party, small party, indoors, outdoors, even no party! As the boys grow older maybe we'd rather take them somewhere special with a friend and spoil them to bits. We will just have to see as we go. 

For Jack's 2nd party, I had started collecting all the little bits and bobs to put out on the table, made the cupcake toppers - and then we hit a crazy week. Instead of stressing, I asked my mom to help and she actually ended up hosting the party for us! It was PERFECT. Four years ago I would have pushed myself beyond my limit unecessarily. The bottom line is that I LOVE treating my kids to a fun day and I LOVE all the DIY that goes along with it. Just, all in moderation and it must feel right. 

Speaking of Jack's most recent party - more pics to follow soon (and tips on how to decorate on a budget), but here is a sneak peek!  What are your thoughts on birthday parties?

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