Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kid's Party Planning Tips

I chatted briefly about birthdays in the Kyle household, and how a certain special boy turned TWO. I promised you a few party planning tips, so here we go!

Choosing a theme for this party was a no-brainer. Jack fell in love with 'Psalty' from the moment he could sit in front of a DVD. Yes, he's that big blue book some of you might remember! I love that my boys are listening to simple kids praise that I grew up with as a little girl. He particularly loves 'Charity Churchmouse' and has memorized many of the songs with his precious limited vocabulary.

TIP #1: Homemade cupcake toppers
Don't limit yourself to the themes you can only find in the Party shops. Using any editing program that you are familiar with, it won't take you long to put together a simple design for some adorable cupcake toppers. I printed a set of two graphics for each topper. I then cut out blue cardstock into the shape of a circle. I grabbed ordinary toothpicks from my kitchen and taped each to the blue cardstock. I glued a graphic on either side, and ta da! 

TIP #2: Plate it!
If you are only entertaining a small number of kids, you might find that making up a plate of eats for each child will be a lot more cost-effective. It will also give you more creative freedom & portion control. I've done this trick twice now and I can tell you that each time, the moms attending the party have been so grateful that there wasn't an unlimited supply of sweets & treats their little person could consume. I think it also makes them special to find their very own plate set out with their own little chair to sit on.

TIP #3: A little sweet, a little healthy
I try my best to include some healthier options on the table to fill up on. For example, you can make fruit look more appealing to tiny fingers by using cupcake wrappers as containers. My mom and I cut up strawberries & apples and also included a serving of yogurt. Mom had the genius inspiration to buy sturdier polka dot cupcake wrappers for our teddy biscuits and an assortment of little sweeties. Add a cupcake and that's a party! 

TIP #4: Cardboard cupcake stand
Visit any plastic shop or even Mr Price Home and you will be able to pick up a sturdy cardboard cupcake stand in a variety of patterns and colours. Easy to wipe clean and pack away for the next function without breaking the bank. I bought mine for R38.

I hope you've enjoyed my party planning tips. I'd love to hear from you: what advice do you have when it comes to planning your little one's party?

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