Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Make your own Paper Bird Mobile

My youngest has a great love for birds and nothing puts a smile on his face like bird spotting. He is currently teething and I just know his very own bird mobile will cheer him up. He will outgrow his cot pretty soon, so I opted for a wall mobile instead of a crib mobile.


x Scrap Paper
x Any kind of scrap cardstock
x Scissors
x Washi Tape / Wrapping Paper scraps
x Beading thread / string / wire
x One-hole Punch
x Branch
x Your hardware of choice to hang the mobile

Sketch out your bird shape - I went the less literal route and cut out a more tribal looking bird. Cut out as many birds as you like on your card and go to town decorating with washi tape, wrapping paper, anything goes! Punch a hole into the wing and secure a piece of beading thread with a few knots. Take the other end of the thread and wrap it around your branch a few times before securing with a knot and trimming the excess. Repeat as many time as you like and there you have it! I used two large 'jump rings' that I had in my jewellery supplies to create a loop that would to fit onto a picture frame hook.

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