Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bathroom Makeover: After

Hello new bathroom! You are beautiful!

The hard work paid off and we officially finished the foundational stage of our bathroom makeover. We treated the walls to a new coat of paint and added both new & thrifted accessories. What really turned it all around was a massive second-hand frame that we re-purposed as a border around the  bathroom window before installing some good ol' venetian blinds for a fresher look.

We spent most of our time on this project shopping around for good deals: sale items from Mr Price Home and a handful of second-hand shops in the area. I will do individual posts for each significant project with a little more detail and will be sure to note the 'what, where, how much'. 

We still need to find a few pieces that will make it 'our own' but those are the kinds of things I find you just have to stumble upon. I do hope you enjoyed sharing in our first big project as much as we enjoyed working on it. Don't forget to take a look back at what this space looked like before!

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