Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bathroom Makeover: Before

I could spend hours scrolling through 'Before' and 'After' projects on all my favourite blogs, and now that it's my turn - I'm ridiculously excited.

We moved into our beautiful home over two years ago with a really tight budget and decorating our main bathroom just wasn't on the must list. We were grateful to have towels gifted by family, plonked a washing basket in the corner and that was about it! 

I am happy to say that this holiday season has allowed us the time and resources to come up with a few ideas on how to give our much used space a bright facelift. We are halfway through with the makeover projects we planned and I already cannot walk down our passage-way without smiling. We are working on all the tasks ourselves so we get the most done once kiddos are tucked in bed. I will post the happy bathroom reveal once we've checked everything off our to-do list, but will try and sneak in a few progress posts before then. Here are the 'before' photos:


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