Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The perfect Vanilla Cupcake recipe

I will just go ahead and be totally honest that baking is not included on the list of things I am actually good at. I do however enjoy baking for my boys and to avoid disappointment I try to work with easy flop-proof recipes as much as possible. Being a mom of two means you HAVE to be able to whip up some sort of cupcake at a moment's notice. Baker baker, birthday parties, play dates. 

I tried a few Vanilla Cupcake recipes that I found online but wasn't very impressed with how they turned out. Thankfully, my wonderful super-mom friend Sarah passed on her gem of a recipe and it's my abolute go-to. She was kind of enough to allow me to share it with you. 

x 125g butter
x 200g cake flour
x 150g sugar
x 10ml baking powder
x 2 eggs
x 125ml milk
x 7ml vanilla essence
x pinch of salt
x cupcake liners
x muffin tin

x icing sugar
x extra butter
x a few tablespoons of milk  

Preheat oven to 170C. Place all ingredients into a bowl and beat with an electric beater until very smooth and creamy - approximately 5 minutes. Place cupcake liners in each compartment of a muffin tin. Spoon batter into the liners and bake for approx 30 - 40 minutes.

Whip room temperature butter. icing sugar and milk together until you are happy with the consistency. Play around with quantities depending on how much you need. A little icing goes a long way. Allow cupcakes to cool and let the decorating begin.

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