Sunday, October 20, 2013

Make your own wooden bead necklace

Wooden beaded necklaces stereotyped only for the bohemian girl are a thing of the past. Pairing a geometric, chunky cord necklace strung together in a mismatched fashion now transcends just one particular style. I made this easy peas-y light wood necklace this week-end to compliment the striped and patterned blouses that I wear daily.

Supplies you will need:

x  Approximately 1.5m cord
x  Assortment of wooden beads with large holes ( any shape, colour or size)


Decide on a layout for your beads and start stringing. This should take you a minute or two. Sometimes the best results come from just stringing them on in any old irregular fashion. Tie the cord in a bow or knot for desired length. Now stand back and admire! Does that really look any different to what you will find on Pinterest?

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