Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make your own gift tags

How often do you get the prettiest card and once the novelty wears off it ends up in the bin? I bought myself a specialized punch online about four years ago to up-cycle used cards / packaging into new gift tags. Most stationary brands have their own line of punches and it's definitely worth investing in a few shapes and sizes.


x Used cards / packing / thrifted books
x Fiskars XL Tag Lever Punch (or any other shaped punch you may have)
x Ribbon / string
x One-hole punch Optional
x Washi tape / stickers Optional 


Grab a scrap of card / paper, slide it into desired position on the punch and press the lever down. Your new tag will pop out into a plastic compartment underneath the lever. Use your one-hole punch to create a hole at the top end of your tag which you will use to loop a piece of ribbon / string through. Get creative with washi tape / stickers to add your personal touch. 

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