Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Mother, the Birthday Cake Maker

The best decision I ever made was to ask my Mom to please throw a cake together for my eldest, Jesse's, first birthday party. She is a fantastic baker whilst I border on average at best. 

This resulted in a totally over-the-top incredibly delicious home-made ice cream cake with a fondant figure of Jesse's favourite soft toy, Jerry. And by home-made ice-cream, I mean she made two or three different types of ice-cream and layered that together with crushed brownies and who knows what else. It was almost too good to watch little babies tucking into it - totally not kidding!

And so was born a tradition that I plan to hold to as long as possible. Are you reading this mom? No pressure. To honour my mom's cake-baking & making skills, here are a few of the delicious creations that she has whipped up since. The love, thought and time that goes into each cake amazes me every year. When you scroll down to the Bike Party Cake, it just has to be noted that aside from the actual bike, everything was made on her kitchen counter. Can you cope?

"And all that for what?" you might be thinking. For that look on their faces when "Nana" comes around the corner with that big ol' birthday cake that sums up a very big "I LOVE YOU". Thank you Mom for loving our boys like you do. Thank you for making memories they will never forget.

- Jesse's 2nd Birthday: Under-the-sea Theme Vanilla Sponge Cake -



- Jesse's 3rd Birthday: Thomas the Train Theme Chocolate Cake -


- Jack's 1st Birthday: Cars Theme Ice-cream Cake -

- Jesse's 4th Birthday: Planes Theme Vanilla Sponge Cake -


- Jesse's 5th Birthday: Bike Theme Coffee Cake -


- Jack's 3rd Birthday: Smartie Themed Chocolate Layer Cake - 


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