Friday, June 27, 2014

My little rug that I love

Remember this post?

Well, a few days later, I came across the most wonderful area rug for our lounge that was more cost effective than some of the DIY options I'd been researching -  but that's for another post. Today, I want to tell you about my little rug that makes our home a happier place!

On Thursday I was on the hunt to find packaging - a large quantity of gift bags to be specific. I found myself at 'Hassim's Packaging' in Springfield Park by recommendation. This gem of a wholesale shop proved to be extremely helpful in the gift bag department, and much to my delight, with all things kitchen and household too. Odds and ends spanning a few aisles. You've basically lost me for about half a day at this point.

I did have other deadlines to meet so kept my visit reasonably short, but not before leaving with my little rug that I love (a bargain for R50). Oh and these polka dot mugs? I have no idea how they got in my basket! (R12 a mug).

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