Thursday, November 28, 2013

Make your own Fabric-Wrapped Letter Art

I came across this really fun idea for a fabric-wrapped 'HOME' sign to place on-top our dining room floating shelves. The idea was inspired by Jaime and you can see photos of her gorgeous home here. I am in love with the printed fabrics she worked with, but with our adjoining lounge suite already popping with colour, I chose a charcoal grey to wrap with instead.

 Supplies you will need:

x  Approximately 2m of fabric / scraps
x  Old cardboard box
x  Fabric glue
x  Pencil
x  Scissors
x  Four pieces of felt
x  White accrylic paint (optional)
x  Fine paintbrush (optional)


Rip four large rectangles off of your cardboard box. Pencil your letters onto the card and carefully cut out your large letters. Add a few dabs on glue onto the front of each letter to attach the felt and trim according to required shape. Next, cut your fabric into strips with a width of approx. 3cm. You are now ready to start wrapping. Strategically place a dot of fabric glue at back of the starting point of your letter and neatly wrap your way around each corner and curve, securing with glue as you go along. Don't worry if your backs look as scruffy as mine do - no one will be any the wiser!

Optional: I added a little more character to ours by painting on white 'tacking' detail.

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