Friday, January 8, 2016

First Look: DIY Lounge Wall Unit

We look back and laugh at the confidence we had to just oh, you know, build an entire wall unit in our new home. Our kitchen, dining room and lounge are all in one gorgeous open plan space. Add in the high ceilings, and you have one big empty canvas to work with. After setting up our existing furniture, the lounge seriously lacked character and it quickly became the area you walked through, but didn't actually settle in and enjoy.

I've been following a designer under her brand name Sita Montgomery for a while now, and everything about her home is perfection. She has used a white feature wall unit concept in quite a few of her rooms, and after showing Clint - we just had to have one!

So, the saving of our pennies began. We bought the wood for our project at a fantastic discount rate from a supplier in Pietermaritzburg and started one phase at a time. Bite size tasks. Over the next few Fridays I will be sharing each step with you. Who knows, maybe our crazy notions are right up your alley and you might be inspired to make your very own wall unit?

While we are chuffed as anything to have the main structure on the wall, but we do still have a few things to check off the to-do list:

* Board up the top smallest shelf to "close off" the unit, instead of it looking like floating shelves
* Add white crown molding to take it right up to the roof eliminating gaps
* The two bottom spaces are reserved for cabinets (yikes!) to hide DVDs, board games etc.
* Paint sections behind the wall unit (white?)
* Slowly collect meaningful ceramics, artwork etc to fill our beautiful shelves.

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