Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Mini-Holiday to the Berg

Being the owner of a small yet demanding business, my peak work periods are around the holiday seasons when most folks are hauling them little families away from the hustle and bustle. I don't mind at all that I work right through December. I am grateful to have a business that I love and enjoy and that "Thank-the-Lord" it's working! However, the weeks turn into months and before you know it, it's been ages since I can remember having a solid break away.

When my sister-in-law suggested a week-end away in May to get the little cousins together out in the wide-opened valleys of the Drakensberg, I jumped at it! It's exactly the mini holiday I needed to switch off from all the ideas and plans swirling in my head and just enjoy quiet time and my blessings.

And so, to the hills we went! To make sure that the ladies didn't spend too much time in the kitchen, I pre-cooked a traditional stew for the first night. We arrived late Friday afternoon just in time for a walk around the Acorn Cottage gardens and a horse ride for the brave boys. We spent that entire evening jabbering away, catching up by a fireplace, complete with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. I am going to add some reality into this picture by saying that we did have three little boys hyped up on said marshmallow milo by 8:30pm who eventually resorted to pillow fights and who knows what in our tiny cottage. That is pretty much when the evening expired and we tackled our kids into bed!

Waking up in the Berg has to be one of the most wonderful feelings. No signal on my cell phone (YAY!) and just simply the sound of birds. We went on a slow walk in our PJs and watched the sun rise. Jesse is very much into his bird life (all five years of him!) and we took time to talk about their names and sounds. Jack was over the moon to find a spotted feather that he now has proudly displayed in his room. 

"Daddy" made pancakes for everyone later in the morning and then...WE HIKED. I am so not a hiker. Haha. I love a good walk, but going on actual hikes is pretty foreign to me. The Kyle family have slowly introduced (read: peer pressure!) me into the hiking world, so off we went on a family hike! I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, the exercise and the little hand that I helped all the while. Having said that, I am a 45-min there and 45-min back type of gal! If we are still heading in one direction after 1 hour, I'm going to be secretly cursing the mountains! We had some interesting moments let's put it that way, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Oh, and I cannot tell you how welcoming it was to arrive back at the cottages and have homemade tomato soup and sandwiches prepared for us (thanks Heidi!)

And what is a holiday in South Africa without a braai? I pre-baked a zucchini gratin and we went to town with a traditional braai packed with meat, salads and garlic bread. We were all so tired from the hike that after dinner we spent our last evening quietly, each with our own little family. After a fantastic game of snakes and ladders with the boys (Jack won!), Clint and I enjoyed a long overdue movie "date night" by the fire.

Could it have gotten any better? I've come home with a clear head and a happy heart. Thank you Mark, Heidi & little William! You are so precious to us. And thank you husband for the photos!

How did you enjoy your long week-end?

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