Sunday, January 25, 2015

Telling a love story with faceblocks

I have the most beautiful wedding photos that a very talented Suzanne Young shot of us in Mauritius. What have I done with these gorgeous shots? Little to nothing I'm afraid. I have a little pic framed on our office wall and another little gem in a frame our bedroom. What we do have are loads of family frames and of course, a million printed photos of the boys. I just looked around the room and counted...I have become "that mom" - They're everywhere! To give myself a little credit, we did live in Mauritius for the first year and I didn't want to invest in much until we were settled back in South Africa.

I entered a competition to win a set of faceblocks last month, and to my delight - I won! I knew this was finally the time to print a few love story photos of my dear husband and I for a project that we have been planning for our bedroom. I chose a large 30cm faceblock and two smaller 15cm faceblocks. I don't plan to have them in sequence so they didn't need to match. We have built a white shelf to mount above our bed and we want to use this space to use frames / faceblocks / ceramics to tell our love story. We want our room to be OUR space and I can't wait to see how it evolves. A very big thank you to PrintWild for the special prize and to Amy for hosting such a lovely competition. Here is the little story behind the photos we chose to print:

(Left) We married / honeymooned on the island of Mauritius. Our families flew in specifically for the wedding and I think one of my brothers took this photo of Clint and I loving life as a married couple.

(Center) A shot from our wedding day. That man is such a stud muffin. We were married under a enourmous tree that was hung with latterns. I love that this photo captures the greenery and outdoorsy feel that our special day had. 

(Right) In our first year of marriage, we took a trip to Malawi to visit Clint's folks. What an incredible experience, except I felt so awful most of the time. We thought it was the peanuts (that we were addicted to) that are sold on the side of the road that might be making me feel ill. Little did we know, it was another little peanut in my tummy growing into our first blessing - Jesse! This photo was taken by Clint's brother. We were sitting looking at an incredible view, sipping coffee with condensed milk while Clint sang on his guitar.

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